Gold Cards, Security Lines, and Jesus

Do you know what your airline status is?

You know…the color that tells everyone how special (or not) you are?

I’m Silver in the eyes of Delta…just about to cross that magic threshold to Gold, but not quite there yet.  And I can’t even see the Promised Land of Platinum from where I sit in coach.

Yes, I’m Silver.  But John?  John is Gold.  All this usually means is that he gets bumped up to 1st class if it’s a 45 minute flight to Dubuque in non-rush-hour.

The other day, however, it meant more.

We were in O’Hare going through security in the frequent traveler line.  John was in front of me and handed the attendant his ID and boarding pass, at which point he was escorted to a new, specialer than special line where Gold and Platinum flyers don’t have to remove any clothing.  They don’t have to take off their shoes, or empty their pockets or show the world their liquids in little baggies.

John probably could have talked on his cell phone while walking through security if he had wanted to!

It’s like they get diplomatic immunity.  They are untouchable.

Next I approached the attendant, and gave him MY ID and boarding pass.

Are you with him?” he asked.  “Yes I am!” I responded, smiling, confident I’d be shown to the specialer than special line too.

YOU have not been selected.” he said as he waved me to the line with all the other Silver low-lifes who might be suspect of causing mid-air mischief and thus were required to do what could have passed for an audition for Matthew McConahey’s new stripper movie.

Apparently I hadn’t earned the privilege and I couldn’t skate into the special line on John’s golden coat-tails.

I glared at John as I emerged from the security line 37 minutes after he had sashayed through with all his clothes on, practically waving ribbons like those synchronized gymnasts at the Olympics.

He felt sooooo special.  Ugh!

I said, “You know John, here’s the deal…You may have been ‘specialer’ than me in this airport, but when I get to heaven and I’m asked who I’m with I’m going to say ‘I’m with Jesus!‘ and that’s all that’s going to matter.  God Himself will wave me right in and I don’t need no stinkin’ Gold card.  HA! So there!”

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not just about getting your “ticket” into heaven and that’s not all I’m talking about.  If you’re with Jesus, you’re with Grace.  You’re with Love.  Every moment.  All day.  Today and every day.  If you’re with Jesus, that’s all that matters.

Just a reminder this Monday morning, that it doesn’t matter how many “points” you have or what color your credit card is, or if you have a boyfriend or not, or made some stupid choices this weekend that you’re ashamed of, or you have doubts.  You are still the apple of God’s eye.  You can’t earn His acceptance because you already have it. Jesus went ahead of you in line.

3 thoughts on “Gold Cards, Security Lines, and Jesus

  1. I want to encourage you today. Not only am I not even a ‘Bronze’ (which I’m guessing is below Silver) member of any airlines, but I’m not even a ‘Classic’ member (which I would imagine to be even below bronze). I fly about once a year, and then USAir (not even Delta since that one flight is to AZ) offers me a magazine subscription because I don’t even have enough miles to transfer to the next year!! Ha ha ha!!

    Amen to the fact that in the end, my lowly status won’t matter a bit on the most important flight into Heaven!! Love the visual! Thanks, Laura. 🙂


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