About Me

Hi!  I’m Laura Crosby, a follower of Jesus who gets it wrong a lot.  I’m trying to pay attention to the work of God in, through, and around me, but it’s definitely a sloooooow process!

I love creating all kinds of things, including a welcoming place in our home where there’s good food and lively conversation. I’m a friend to twenty-somethings journeying with Jesus. I’m a biker-runner-walker and a Starbucks groupie.

Though my husband is the one who gets the paycheck, we are both pastors and approach ministry as a team here in Minneapolis.  We’re privileged to do life in a vibrant faith community at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina.

We have two daughters we think are totally amazing.  Til just recently they were living together, trying to change the world for the better in Washington D.C..  (Katy’s on the left and Maggie’s on the right below).  On May 26th Maggie married our wonderful new son-in-law, Austin Dannhaus and they are now living in San Francisco where Maggie is going to grad school at Berkley.

This blog is about creative discipleshiptaking God seriously, but ourselves not so much. As I write, the people I have in mind are my daughters and their friends primarily, but I pray anyone who stumbles across this blog will go away encouraged.

I typically post on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  Fridays I sometimes have guest bloggers and we devote the post to what God’s doing with our “One Word”.  To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail.  When you receive a new post via email, click on the title to see the pictures that will be accompanying it.

My prayer with each post is: “Abba Father, do what only You can do.  With these words, encourage, inspire, challenge, comfort…  May this post honor You and accomplish what You desire.  May your Holy Spirit sparkle through every word and punctuation mark.”

I’d be delighted if you want to follow me on Twitter or on Facebook or Instagram (lauracrosby)!   I especially hope to hear from you in the comments section of the blog because my goal is that this wouldn’t be about “me” but about all of us!  And YOU have lots to contribute to the conversation!  You know you do!

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7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for your creative discipleship. Very refreshing indeed. I’m grateful to have stumble upon your site as I googled the song Awake My Soul and read your blog surrounding your thoughts about the election. Thanks for being transparent and thanks for being you. May God continue to bless you and your husband in touching lives in so many ways. Pray that my wife and I continues to do the same in the ministry that God has in us.


  2. Hello Laura,
    Thank you for your delightful blog. Many years ago, at Colby Hall TCU, I clearly remember you and Linda inviting me to go with you to McKinney Memorial for church. I’ve always appreciated your willingness to have a freshman tag along with you. The only person I knew at TCU was Craig McElvain. I didn’t have a car and I absolutely knew nothing about church in the Fort Worth area. It was the first week of school and I was very fragile. When you opened your friendship and your car door, I got strong with new friends and a new place to worship. That blessing set a course for my life that I’m living today, 33 years later. Many Many blessings,


    • Oh Nancy, what a gift to read this! Thank you for your kind words. I look back on those years at TCU and where the Lord has taken each of us and I’m moved to tears by His faithfulness. It was Kirk Quackenbush who opened his car door to take me and Beth to church OUR freshman year. Praying blessings for your journey!


  3. Laura,
    You and I went to high school together but that is not our strongest bond. How delighted I was to discover your blog and realize our strongest connection is being daughters of the King. You are an incredibly gifted writer and I get almost giddy when I see a new post. Your articles are brimming with Truth but not filled with “Christian-ese.” How refreshing!
    I was not a believer in high school. In fact I was living a very sad Godless life at that point. But I remember you as being this little unwavering beacon of light; always kind, soft spoken, gentle and with an inner joy I did not understand but was drawn to. I understand it now and am humbled I get to share in the experience. I am honored to be your sister.
    Betty (Simonini) Kruszka
    Glenbard West ’75


    • Oh my gosh what a gift to hear from you Betty!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m thrilled to hear you know of Jesus’ great love for you now. I can’t thank you enough for writing and updating me. I would love to hear more!


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