“And NO Phone!”

So this week is Media week for our little Summer of 7 band of intrepid women.  We’re trying an experimental mutiny against excess in order to get a better perspective on kingdom living.  You can read about our adventures here, and here.

As we planned our media strategy Monday night, Theresa bemoaned missing out on the details of the “TomKat” break-up,  and Cathy has been temporarily disowned by her family in favor of t.v.  Heather anticipated withdrawal symptoms as a Pinterholic.

Our biggest fear though, was that we’d feel cut off from community.  We envisioned showing up at each other’s houses, peering through the window like orphans in a Dicken’s novel, pathetically saying “Please talk to me!!!”

Personally I decided to go without my phone for the week, which I think must earn me brownie points somewhere in the universe because this is sacrificial, darn it!

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