Three Ways to Choose Life When You’re “Stuck”

This week has taken on the theme of “stuckness” so I thought I’d continue it on this One Word Friday.  

When we’re stuck, “LIFE” often seems to be a choice hiding like Waldo at a convention of clowns.  It requires determination and intention.

Again, this is not a magic formula, but here are three things I do to try to “choose life” when I’m stuck:

1.  Affirm the LIFE in others.  Write notes of encouragement and blessing, noting the value you see in others.

2.  Pray LIFE for others.  Take time to lift up others who are struggling in challenging circumstances.

3.  Practice gratitude for the LIFE around you.  I love the theory that I just read in Rhoda Janzen’s memoir, “Menonite Meets Mr. Right”.  She tells of a jar of water representing discontentment being displaced as we drop in rocks of gratitude.  The waters of discontent are forced out by the rocks of thankfulness.

What are some ways you choose life when you’re feeling stuck?  Consider posting in the comments below!

Here are just a few of the things I’m grateful for today.  I wish there was a way to waft the aroma of barbecue and lilacs and clover and to record the squeals of the kids on my block playing in their wading pool!

DSC00814 DSC00811 DSC00808 DSC00807 DSC00801 IMG_7121


2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Choose Life When You’re “Stuck”

  1. So often I feel stuck as dinner nears…what’s in the fridge, what do I have enough energy to make, what doesn’t take too long, what meal is different than yesterday’s, etc. some of this is a result of poor planning, fatigue, boredom, but regardless – I’m stuck! It’s easy to bail on cooking, complain to my husband, make oatmeal (for the 4th time this week). Lately though, the weather has been so nice and “life” has continued because I chose to simplify. No 4 course meals. Meat on the grill, and fruit, Hot dogs and salad and chips, tacos…. So often I am caught up in the need to be busy, fancy, complicated when I just need to simplify!

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    • I love this! There are so many different kinds of “stuck”! Sometimes we can get creative and mix it up to get unstuck (like having breakfast dinners or one color dinners, or potluck/progressive dinner with friends) and sometimes simplifying and just realizing there are other more important things, like being present with your kids is the best choice.

      It’s so weird you bring this up because Maggie was looking for meals to make ahead for her husband, Austin while she’s in Uganda. I pulled out a book I used to use called “Once a Month Cooking” that was published by Focus on the Family a million years ago. It was a great resource for make ahead recipes!


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