Living Small and Unnoticed

The other day I sit down at Starbucks feeling a tad sorry for myself, because I’m not  with the cool kids talking about all the important things.  Flashbacks to the Jr. High lunchroom.  Are you with me?

I’m feeling a little jealous of all of those “living large and loud”, being seen and heard and achieving the big stuff.  Heck, let’s call it what it really is: self-absorption.

I’m journalling.  Talking to the Story-writer of my life, asking for a CLIMACTIC EVENT, when I look  down and see the pen that I’m using.  It is from a training center in Bethlehem, inscribed in English and Arabic.  And I stop.  So…convicted.


God stirs my heart and I remember all of the other people.

The “living small and unnoticed” people, doing the important things that are only being discussed online and in conferences.  I start praying for the ones doing hard kingdom work all around the world.  The work of hanging-by-a-thread hope in dirty alleys and dry deserts.  Work of poverty and perseverance.  The stuff of Jesus.

I pray for those reaching a hand out to build peace in Israel and Syria and Congo.

I remember the key I have and pray for those working in refugee camps in Palestine.

And the ones fighting to get homes restored to widows in Africa.


I pray for the young girl that no one knows about yet – held as a slave in a brothel, begging for rescue.

For those digging wells in the middle of nowhere Zambia, and for those helping others quench an eternal thirst.

I pray that those in darkness would see a glimmer of light today.


Today my heart is with the un-noticed who are choosing life in remote areas of the world who will never be tweeted about or mentioned or “liked”.  Maybe I’m praying too, for those closer to home.  Maybe you.

You are seen.

What you are doing today matters.

Choose life.


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