6 Sentences Jesus Followers Need to Learn to Say in the Midst of Controversy

It’s an unusually cool morning in Florida and the wind is blowing.  As I rode my bike to Starbucks I thought of one day when Katy was little and came in from outside.  She said, “Mommy, the wind struggles me!”

Yep, Katester, the wind has been struggling us this week.  Winds of uncertainty and criticism and emotion and drama all stirred up out of a desire to serve God well and make wise choices that honor Him in a complex world.

Wind-struggling weeks (that we all have) are made more difficult when the decisions we’re making are public and impact thousands of people, like the one the World Vision Board announced this week. The stakes go up and it seems that no one wants to let any critical thought go un-tweeted or un-commented or un-updated.  Even the headline of a balanced article is mis-leading and inflammatory.

We, as Jesus followers, love (I love!) black and white.  We love clear-cut, “thus sayeth the Lord”, and “Bam! Take that you spawn of Satan!”  Ok, maybe not the last, but some responses feel that way – gleeful in their self-righteous put-downs.  And is this what Jesus desires of someone following Him?

This morning Michael Hyatt had an excellent post on 5 difficult sentences leaders need to learn to say.  It made me think that there are several sentences we Jesus-followers need to learn to say in the midst of controversial conversations (what the Bible calls “disputable matters”).

Here are my 6 to consider:

  • Help me better understand this issue.
  • How can I serve you in this time?
  • Have you considered ________ ?
  • I may be wrong.
  • I am praying for God’s will and direction in this.  Are there additional ways I can pray specifically for you in this?
  • I love you.  And nothing you or I do can ever separate us from the love of God even if we disagree.

What would you add?

If you want to read more on the controversy that we’ve been dealing with, Jen Hatmaker and Rachel Held Evans have excellent posts.


4 thoughts on “6 Sentences Jesus Followers Need to Learn to Say in the Midst of Controversy

  1. I am so sorry to hear this re. World Vision.. I am always troubled by the energy that goes into extraneous issues instead of our focus on the gospel. Matthew 25.
    Troubling! May your Kingdom come oh God !


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