Dear Movies About All of the Things in the Real World,

Dear Movies About All of The Things in the “Real” world,

I’m writing you to put you on notice.

I’m taking away your stars and giving you a rotten tomato.  You may get critical blah blah  for being “authentically raw”, but so what?  It’s too easy.  It’s like saying we need to hear Lindsay Lohan is behaving badly.  Again.

I don’t think so.

UnknownYou’re down and dirty, but I’m gonna take you out with a Ninja kick to your mojo and call your bluff.  Your world is not all there is.

Reality without redemption, you are dead to me.

Greed, sex, drugs, lies, betrayal, selfishness?  I know you’re everywhere, not just in the kingdom of Wall Street. I don’t need to be reminded.

I need instead, to see glimpses of another kingdom.

Like a kid awwwwing at a rainbow, I need something beautiful to reach for.

Like someone marveling at a star through a telescope, I need to see self-sacrifice for a greater good.  Up close.

I need dialog demonstrating compassion, and truth and justice that may be rare but is still real.

I want to meet heroes not hedonists.  I know plenty of hedonists already.

I don’t want to know another wolf, I want to know wonder.  I want to know about the one who stands up to the wolf.  I want to see courage and character in the face of conflict.

I want to be dared to look up instead of discouraged by looking down.

I want to hear a different narrative.  Not one that denies a reality that is ugly, but one that calls us to be part of its redemption.

I want to be reminded that good can triumph over evil and that I can be one who wields a sword in that fight.

Sincerely yours,

A seeker of brave knights and heroic courage


8 thoughts on “Dear Movies About All of the Things in the Real World,

  1. You go girl!!! Well said Laura. Thank you for reminding me to shoot for the stars … the ones God put in the sky, not the ones made by Hollywood. Time to stand up for what is pure and lovely and noble.




  2. Thank you for this passion you’ve shared today! I hope I don’t come across as a heathen; But here I go!

    Please all know I don’t constantly seek out what in unholy! I LOVE being reminded of how the devil can use greed, power, money and evil to wrap me up and take me down if I am not focused on my Lord. I love knowing, and being reminded, that I am redeemed by His Love and that through Christ, if we believe and chose to follow Him, the repercussions of sin is taken away ultimately. (not to say that life is easier..but y’all know what I mean!) That I have help through the power of the Holy Spirit through studying His Word and having it ready to use as part of my armor of Christ to combat real life situations…. I agree we are to fill our heads and hearts with holiness so that kindness and love shine through us to be the best representatives of Jesus we can be.. I also am blessed to have been able to use talents in theater, arts, dance, music etc.. And am thankful for great acting, photographs, choreography, songs and stories! So.. while I pay the money and take the time to see a movie like American Hustle or Wolf of Wallstreet.. (There are some films I have walked out on!) I rest in knowing I can be in a world of sin (which is always around us) and be an example of Christ!

    PS: Coming from a conservative southern background,,, I may now be disowned!



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