One Word and Clark Griswold

Back in January, (yep, it’s been a long time) we talked about choosing One Word for 2013 – a word that God might desire to expand in our life…grow us into.

 My word was Fearless, which gave birth to Fearless Fridays, because even if that wasn’t your word, we all deal with Fear in various forms.  

In January I also posted some thoughts from my brother, David, on this.  So the other day I asked him for an update.

I’d love to hear from you too!  What has your experience been with your One Word (if you identified one)?  If you didn’t, looking back now, what is one word that would summarize your 2013?  Post your thoughts in the comment section!

Dear Sis,

I  must admit that I have not spent much time over the past year thinking about my one word.  Ironically, (a nudge from the Lord?) a couple of weeks ago I stumbled through a number of Awake My Soul links and came across a response I made to your One Word Challenge back in January.  Has a year REALLY gone by?

There was certainly pause for reflection.  My word, WAIT, came to mind a year ago as I came to the conclusion that my 30 or so years of trying to “give God a hand” with His divine will for my life and others close to me, was not exactly working out as planned.

Okay, so this is hard,  but I have to admit I am much more like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation than Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas.   

Clark Griswold

Just as Clark tries to engineer the perfect Christmas for his family, I’ve tried to engineer the perfect faith for myself and my family.   Read the right book, hear the right Sunday sermon, network with the right person who will somehow have a life transforming word from the Lord.  Have I come to believe that we can engineer faith? ARGHHH!  as Charlie Brown would say.

So as I reflect more on my one word from January 2013, it has changed.  It is no longer WAIT, but PRIDE.  Little did I realize back in January, the emotional energy I would expend over the next twelve months as I dealt with personal and professional issues.  Life shows up, right?  Understanding how my pride played a part  in a stressful year has been sobering  but welcomed.  “If you’re not uncomfortable you’re not growing” say the professional sages.

So one word begat another word which will hopefully give birth to another.  Fighting the urge to somehow make that happen by January 1, I think I’ll let God be God and believe He will provide my 2014 word at the perfect time.


5 thoughts on “One Word and Clark Griswold

  1. Dear Laura,
    Like your brother, I, too, have reflected on my word for 2013 at random times. My word is/was joy. Since 2013 has been a year of great trials, sadness and loss for me, finding any joy in my situation and life has been challenging at best. But as I enter this season of remembering and celebrating our Lord’s birth, I am finding joy. Not in my circumstances, not in the world, but joy “to” the world and joy “in” my Lord. I have been playing carols on the piano from a favorite songbook by Tasha Tudor, titled “Take joy!” So, as I close-out 2013 I will take JOY! May you and your wonderful family be especially blessed during this time of Christ’s birth. Thank you so much for your blog. You have enriched and changed my life in so many, many ways.


  2. This year my word was lightenup. I am still not sure if it is a real work but it worked for me. I could have used fear, trust, or joy. I have learned this year that I have many friends who surrounded me last March when I had a serious fall. I am now learning how to love again, how to trust, and how to be joy-filled; as seeds have been planted in a very new relationship. I am hopeful that those seeds will grow into a long-term committed relationship.


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