Carry-Ons and What You’re Reading

It’s Fearless Friday, but I don’t feel like writing about fear. 🙂   

John and I are leaving today for a couple of weeks in Zambia and Tanzania with our church and World Vision.  Not to be braggy, but we kind of pride ourselves on our ability to travel light.  We rarely check bags, but always use carry-ons.

The one place this proves problematic for me is with books.  Now when the Kindle came out I was thrilled because I knew it would be a great resource, at least when we travel. Think of all the space we could save!  157 books in the size of less-than-one!  Never mind the fact that it takes me 39 days to read just one.  I’m an optimist.

John has adapted well to the Kindle and uses it all the time, but me?  Well, I’m too tactile, too visual, and maybe just too remedial.  I need to be able to flip back and forth, to review what I’ve read and quotes I’ve underlined.  I also have this weird thing about wanting my full sized Bible with me that has all my notes and dates and underlines.  I just seem to “know” it better than other Bibles.  We’re old friends.

Bottom line?  I just hate using the Kindle and only submit when absolutely necessary.

Which brings us to this trip.  I have so many books right now that I’m excited about reading!!  Here are a few that I’ve finished and some I’m looking forward to.


I recently finished Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton, which I referred to in a post the other day, and the booklet, Deepening the Soul for Justice by a new friend, Bethany Hoang. I love the first lines of Bethany’s book: “Seeking Justice doesn’t begin at the door of a broth.  Seeking justice begins with seeking the God of justice.”  Both are great reads I highly recommend!!

I also read (actually ended up skimming) the biography of Oswald Chambers, Abandoned to God.  His life is fascinating, but like with many biographies, I felt there were too many details and I didn’t care for the quotes of his poetry.

My friend Mindy Caliguire has a new book, STIR (Spiritual Transformation In Relationships)    about how we need to be formed in community.  I really like her questions for mentors to ask of others at different stages on their journey.

Lastly, I haven’t read Ann Voskamp’s 1,000 Gifts because her writing can be a bit artsy for mebut I love her heart and I’ve been enjoying a devotional version of it.  I’ve always thought of myself as a really positive, grateful person, but honestly, the discipline of writing down the gifts of God each day has been powerful.

Two books I’m determined to fit in my bag to read are both memoirs.  One manuscript by my friend Lee Blum, A Table in the Darkness, about her struggle with an eating disorder, and the other, Good God, Lousy World, & Me, with the subtitle “The improbably Journey of a Human Rights Activist from Unbelief to Faith.”

So, that’s me. John’s berating for having no fiction in my life.  What about you?  I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading and what you recommend!

2 thoughts on “Carry-Ons and What You’re Reading

  1. Thanks Laura! Hope you enjoy my book. I gave “Love Does” to Amy to read on the trip too. One of my favorites. I just finished “Angry Conversations With God” and really enjoyed it. Safe travels!
    p.s. I like real books too vs Kindle 🙂


    • Got it, thanks! I just was talking to John tonight about your book! I’m only partway through but I was commenting on how very hard it must have been for you to write! You do a great job being vulnerable and honest. It’s hard to read, but important – thanks!


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