Inspiration in the Face of Trepidation on Fearless Friday

I’m amazed at how fear can constantly raise its head in different guises.  Like Whack-a-mole, you clonk a fear mole of rejection, and a little fear mole dressed as change pops up.  You whack the fear mole of the future, and up pops the fear of conflict or provision, or significance.

Sometimes trepidation needs a little inspiration to encourage us when the moles seem persistent.  So, here are a few resources on Fearless Friday:

A small idea and a story to inspire you when you’re overwhelmed by the bad news. “This should totally be a thing everywhere”

A couple of quotes from one of my favorites, Bob Goff:

“Most of the things I was afraid of didn’t happen; most of the things I hoped for did. Hope works better.”

“God isn’t surprised when we fail, He’s surprised when we quit. We’re not our successes or failures, we’re His.”

The video faith story of Karissa who has trusted God through so much. (10 minutes long and takes awhile to buffer, but worth it).

Lastly, Praying our Fears – a message preached by Tim Keller on David’s fears in Psalm 3.

What bits of inspiration have you found this week?  Share!

And have a fearless weekend, living as the person you are – the one God is crazy about!


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