You’ve? Got This!

We’re on vacation this week.  Hope this re-post from October of ’11 is encouraging to you!  

I’m a terrible tennis player.  Seriously terrible.

This past summer I started playing tennis.  I’ve kind of dabbled before, but back issues put any play on hold til I had surgery and now I’m good to go.  Ok, “good to go” is totally relative.  I play on a tennis team, but it’s like the “Bad News Bears” of tennis teams.  We’re the worst of the worst.

In spite of being seriously bad, I have fun and as I play matches now, I’m reminded of all the hours I spent cheering for our daughters Katy, and Maggie as they played.  One of the common refrains from spectators and fellow teammates was “You’ve got this!  You’ve got this Katy!  You’ve got this Maggie!”

The implication was “You’ve got all the skill and ability necessary to win this match.  You have it in you.”

It struck me the other day that this is what God would like to remind me of each morning…not that I’ve got this, but that HE has it.  He’s got this momentthis daythis seasonmy life in His hands.

He has all the power, and understanding and patience and resources for anything we face today.  He is sufficient.

And BECAUSE He’s got this, you’ve got this!

In what area of your life do you need to hear God whisper, “I’ve got this” today? Maybe it’s something specific to today, or general for this season of life.

If you want, you can post just one word or a short phrase (or a paragraph if you want!) in the comments. Work?  Relationships?  Parenting?  Health?

Here’s mine: Laura – A couple of hard conversations I anticipate today.

We can list anything and hear God say, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor. 12:9                                                                                             He’s got this.

2 thoughts on “You’ve? Got This!

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