“And NO Phone!”

So this week is Media week for our little Summer of 7 band of intrepid women.  We’re trying an experimental mutiny against excess in order to get a better perspective on kingdom living.  You can read about our adventures here, and here.

As we planned our media strategy Monday night, Theresa bemoaned missing out on the details of the “TomKat” break-up,  and Cathy has been temporarily disowned by her family in favor of t.v.  Heather anticipated withdrawal symptoms as a Pinterholic.

Our biggest fear though, was that we’d feel cut off from community.  We envisioned showing up at each other’s houses, peering through the window like orphans in a Dicken’s novel, pathetically saying “Please talk to me!!!”

Personally I decided to go without my phone for the week, which I think must earn me brownie points somewhere in the universe because this is sacrificial, darn it!

I do EVERYTHING on my phone.

You know, important things like “Words with Friends” and Twitter and Instagram, and tracking WW points, FB, Texting, and listening to Podcasts and music and checking the weather, and MAPQUEST!

Yes, I am attached to my phone like Linus to his security blanket.

I keep thinking of the dialog from You’ve Got Mail when Meg Ryan thinks she’s been stood up by her mystery online romantic interest, Tom Hanks.

KATHLEEN:  Why didn’t he come?  Maybe he showed up, took one look at me and left.

CHRISTINA:  Not possible.

KATHLEEN:  Maybe there was a subway accident.

CHRISTINA:  Absolutely.

KATHLEEN:  A train was trapped underground with him inside.

CHRISTINA:  And no phone.

KATHLEEN:  Or an automobile accident.  Those cab drivers are maniacs.

His elbows could be in splints — so he can’t really dial —

CHRISTINA:  Or he could be in the hospital in one of those semi-private room with like

CHRISTINA & KATHLEEN:  (together)– no phone.

So I’m thinking about all that could happen to me – I mean, what if the President decides to call me to ask my advice, or the CIA has heard about my spy skills and wants to recruit me, or The Amazing Race calls to tell Maggie and me we’re going to Hollywood, and… NO PHONE!!

It could happen!

I’ve told my friends and they’ve promised to send carrier pigeons in an emergency.

I really don’t like this no phone thing so it’s only grudgingly that I’ll admit some of the benefits I’m experiencing phone-less.

It sounds trite and cliche, but the biggest thing I notice is that I truly am more engaged and present to God and others.  There’s just more space in my head to pay attention and hear.

I pride myself on being SUPER Multi-tasker!  You too??

Capable of accomplishing 349 things at one time!  At Target I’m able to juggle texting, talking, loading items on the conveyor belt while (if not leaping tall buildings) tying my shoe.

Problem?  What that says to the check-out person is “You’re not important enough for my undivided attention.”

A friend of mine was distracted and multi-tasking checking out at the grocery store, her toddler in the cart trying to talk to her as she unloaded things.  She half nodded and said “Uh huh” til he finally took her head between his chubby little hands and turned her face to look at him.  “Mommy,” he said, “Listen with you eyes!

Without my magic all-purpose phone, I also find I’m more present to God.  My mind turns to prayer more because there isn’t anything else to distract me.

I think it was God’s cosmic little joke that my devotional reading yesterday was 1 Samuel 3 where Samuel is learning to recognize God’s voice.

“Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.”

So that’s what I’m trying to do.

After all, no one else is calling this week.

What about you?  How media are you most attached to?  Anyone else trying this experiment?

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