How to Improve Your Monday

It’s Monday morning.

Yep, you may have had a stellar weekend picnicking in the sun, biking, going to the beach (like one of my daughters), listening to jazz outdoors in the park (like the other daughter), but now it’s Monday in all its Mondayness.  And the week stretches out in front of you like a flat road across the barren pan-handle of Oklahoma.

Before you buckle down and get to work, or answer emails, or start the laundry, read on.  It may make you feel better about your day.

Awhile ago I was listening to the radio and a woman called in with an experience that was, um…unbelievable except that it really happened.

The caller had been on a road trip with her friend. They stopped to get gas and go to the bathroom. The woman had gone into the stall, sat down.  She put her keys on her lap, at which point the keys slid into the toilet.

The toilet was the auto-flush kind so she was afraid to stand up for fear her keys would be washed down the toilet.  Panicky, she was able to reach her cell phone and call her friend who was outside filling the car with gas. (Aren’t you glad I’ve provided “art”? 🙂 )

The friend came into the bathroom, and although she was a large woman, she squeezed under the stall door.

She knelt and (unbelievably) reached under her friend, into the toilet for the keys.  I know, I know…so many questions!  (At this point I could spiritualize this and quote Proverbs 18:24 “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is friend who sticks closer than a brother.”, but really?)

As I was listening to the story, I thought, “How could this get any worse?”

It did.

The radio caller, on the toilet, had a gag reflex to the whole situation at that point, and threw up on her friend’s head as she kneeled in front of her trying to rescue the keys!  (Aren’t you glad I haven’t provided “art” here?)

I share this because it’s Monday, and maybe we can all start the week thanking God that no one has thrown up on our head.  Yet. 🙂

And may we all have friends as devoted as this caller’s.

What helps you keep life in perspective?

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