ABC’s of Praise in Pictures

The other day I was walking in a “Holy Place”.  I hadn’t been there in awhile.  It’s a path around a lake I walked daily for years.

And along that path God has soaked up a heck of a lot of tears.  Listened patiently to my rants.  Grieved over my anguished cries of confusion.  And accepted my praise with a smile I think.

And in the patches of Godlight along the path He prompted something in me.  Lately it seems God has been reiterating the theme word, “specific”.  As in spell it out kid.  As in not the Cliff Notes version.

Get down and dirty confessing your sin specifically.  Encourage in detail, like I wrote about the other day.   Pray more than a “bless them”.  And praise more than “Yea God.”

So on this day, on this shady path with the sound of waves lapping the shore, the Lord brought to mind a prayer practice I used to do as I walked and we did also as a family.  Specific praise and thanksgiving.  Going through the alphabet.

Here are a few of mine (not the whole alphabet in order :))

Wow.  I praise you for Your amazing Abundance that I see evidenced in the fresh fruit and flowers and lush greenery of summer.

Incredible that through Jesus You Destroyed the wall of sin that separates us from You. “Thank you” seems so weak for this gift.

You Hear our prayers, no matter where we are or what we say!  You incline your ear to us.

You create Wonders beyond imagination

You Satisfy those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  May I be counted among them today.

You Still storms and bring Peace that passes understanding.

What are your ABC’s of praise today?  Post a comment and if you would, email me a picture (  I’ll put the pictures in a future post.

3 thoughts on “ABC’s of Praise in Pictures

  1. Great idea, Laura. I really like this prompt. I am grateful for God’s Provision. We are about to leave the place we have been for only a year. Somehow, in this short time, He has directed me on new paths and provided me with new friendships that have given deep, soul-satisfying nourishment. It makes me sad to leave, but so so grateful for the experience. (P.S. We are leaving here to go to Minneapolis. We will be there July. I’d love to grab coffee with you sometime!)


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