Books I’m taking on Vacation

We leave next week for vacation in Florida.

I know, some of your are saying “VACATION??  What’s a vacation?”  And you’re right.  I’m grateful and don’t deserve it.  And others of you are like “Been there, done that, Spring Break’s over.”  But there’s a little thing called Easter that my husband kind of has to stick around for, so we’re getting out of Dodge a little late.

Anyway, here are the books I’m taking with me to read, along with the War of Art by Steven Pressfield and King’s Cross by Tim Keller on my Kindle.  (Oh, and if Seven by Jen Hatmaker comes in before we leave, I may sneak that in too)

I have a Kindle specifically for travel so I’m not lugging a bunch of books on a plane, but I just can’t help myself!  I love “real” books.  What about you?  Are you E-book readers or “real” book readers?

What are other books you’d suggest?  Maybe a little more fiction to round things out? 

And if you want a little more encouragement to read, check this out.

12 thoughts on “Books I’m taking on Vacation

  1. Laura, Florida sounds wonderful!
    I just ordered 7 to take on my vacation too! It’s supposed to arrive the day before we leave. So, we’ll have to swap stories when we get back!
    Enjoy some time away!


  2. This morning I finished Phillip Yancey’s “What Good is God” and I’m to the last chapters of “Lewis and Clark: Undaunted Courage.” Next up: “The Sinking Titanic” and “Acedia and Me” by Kathleen Norris. No recent fiction recommendations but I do like having old school books that I can keep reading during take off and landing!


  3. I LOVE Tattos on the Heart – read it last summer on vacation and could not put it down. Have fun (0:
    For what it is worth ~ I am a sucker for historical fiction and am currently reading Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet (building of cathedrals in England in the Middle Ages.)


  4. Hey, Laura! I’m commenting!! 😉
    I am almost finished with Bonhoeffer (Eric Metaxas) and recently enjoyed an oldie….a Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Our book club read Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close. I liked it much more than the movie. Have you read Life of Pi?


    • Yea! So many good suggestions to consider! I read Bonhoffer last year on sabbatical, but got interrupted and honestly never totally finished it, but it was interesting! Extremely Loud is a favorite if Maggie’s but I wasn’t as wowed by it. Haven’t seen the movie. I’m embarrassed that I’ve never read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – I should! And haven’t read Life of Pi. Good?


      • I loved Life of Pi! Part one was a lot of religion and philosophy (not my favorite part, but necessary for the rest of the book), and part two was the great story….all fiction, but made me ask “What would I do?”. I know many who claim this as their favorite book.


  5. The URL at the end of the blog entry “Books I am Taking on Vacation” does not work. It looks like “http//” is listed twice in the URL.



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