One thing Jesus never did?

Last year we had a fantastic guest speaker at our church.
According to an informal survey he took, most people don’t like journaling.  And they are relieved when they are assured that Jesus never journalled.

We want to be like Jesus, and Jesus didn’t journal so that’s one less thing we need to feel guilty about.

But as someone who likes to journal, I want to say “Hey!  Wait a minute!  How do we KNOW He didn’t journal?  After all, the Bible never says “Jesus sang.”  Or danced.  But maybe He did!

Maybe He was a CLOSET JOURNALLER !!  Maybe He LOVED journaling!

Honestly, does it really matter if He did or He didn’t?                                                               I think what matters is the value beneath it.

Journaling is just a tool like other things that help us lead an examined life…help us pay attention the work of God in our lives…Help us ask “Lord what do you want to show me about Yourself and myself?”

Journaling may not be necessary for an examined life, but what is?                              Space?  Attention?

Maybe Jesus never journalled, but I look at the time He had walking or boating with the disciples from one town to another…

the time for reflection,



the time carved out to be alone and pray…

That makes me think that even IF He didn’t journal, making time to process life with His Father and others was still a priority.

Maybe some days I need to put away my journal in order to be less self- absorbed, and maybe some days I need to force myself to pick up a pen and examine some of the not-so-lovely truths God wants me to see.

Do you like to journal or hate it?  Or are there other practices you use to pay attention to the work of God in your life?

Psalm 26:2,3.  Test me Lord and try me, examine my heart and my mind.  For I have been mindful of your unfailing love and have lived in reliance on your faithfulness.

3 thoughts on “One thing Jesus never did?

  1. Most of the time I love to journal! But I developed this over the past 35 years. I started out not liking it because I had to reflect on thoughts that were really painful and difficult related to my life and what I was going through at the time. I knew it would force me to get to the root of my pain and struggle, with Gods help! I was ruminating on thoughts and felt like I was out of control of my thoughts and life most of the time…. Then a friend told me, “a thought isn’t complete- until you can write it, or say it”…so if you want to get those thoughts in your head to stop spinning or ruminating, – journaling is a great way to do this. What I was doing wasn’t working, so I decided to try “journaling”. I started with 10 minutes (made myself stop when it went off – and gradually increased the time), just writing words that came to mind, or phrases, or incomplete sentences….or a letter to someone I was thinking about and expressed myself to them in my journal;related to a situation I was experienceing that day. As I started writing, I began to learn things about myself, and the situation I was struggling with, as well as the things I wanted to do regarding it. It was a way for me to empty the thoughts I needed to understand better, and then to act on them where needed. I learned better how to “take my thoughts captive” and give them over to Jesus for His perspective….. It has been so good for me, and I believe the Holy Spirit has used it signficantly in my life….


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