Labor of Love?

I’ve never heard either of my parents swear, but I have many memories of my mom, frustrated with a task, saying “I’m gonna swear.  I’m gonna swear! Close your ears kids!”                                                                                                                                                She never did, but she threatened to.  A lot.

There are some things that tempt a person to swear more than others. For me, the job of untangling Christmas lights brings out the worst in me.  I spent hours doing it this weekend, growling under my breath:

1.  “I’m sure this must be a job people have to do in Hell.”

2.  “If God really loved me I’d be rich enough to buy new lights every year.”

I was muttering, and resenting my husband who was off doing “spiritual” things, having “spiritual” conversations with colleagues, while I was relegated to “unspiritual” homey decorating chores.

As I glared and growled, and pulled and unknotted, and muttered some more I got to thinking about Mary (who had no lights to untangle btw) and how spiritual she felt during the 9 months that Jesus was being formed in her.

I doubt Mary walkwd around in a beautiful clean blue robe and a heavenly glow the way she’s depicted on Christmas cards.  Or all pure and white and shiny.

How spiritual do backaches and morning sickness feel?

How holy did it seem to be dirt poor, traveling miles of countryside, sleeping in a stinky barn?

How sacred is the inconvenient?  The uncomfortable?  The thing that requires patience?

Jesus was being formed in Mary.  Her literal labor of love.

And I bet it just felt…hard.

And now, Jesus is being formed in us.  His character.  In us.  And it usually feels decidedly unspiritual.

But maybe anything is holy if we allow it to be.

Unreasonable bosses,

long lines,

being gossiped about,

not having enough money,

lonely nights without a date…

Maybe, if we enter in, those things actually have the potential to be more spiritual than hearing the most articulate exposition of scripture.  Because Jesus is being formed in us in the mess of life.

What of Jesus might be being formed in me as I untangle lights?  What labor of love might I enter into this Christmas?

In what way have you recognized Jesus being formed in you through an “ordinary”, “unspiritual” experience recently?

O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray; Cast out our sin, and enter in, be born in us today.

3 thoughts on “Labor of Love?

  1. Oh Laura, your words touch my heart so deeply. I want to comment on every post you make, but I don’t want to fill up your pages! But, I have learned to keep my kleenex box right at hand everytime I open your blog. Thank you so much for how beautifully, tenderly and convictingly (not sure that’s a real word) you help me to see myself and to grow closer to our Lord.


      • I love that passage in Psalm 9. Thank you for sharing it and for all your prayers. Keeping you close in thoughts and prayer today and everyday!


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