The Question to ask this Christmas Season

Most of us, full of Thanksgiving turkey, football, family fun (if you have a healthy family) or family angst (if yours is more dysfunctional) are ready to glide into the Christmas season like Santa on a sleigh filled with toys.

We’re also ready to ask the crucial questions of the season:

  • Is it really “Christian” to say “Happy Holidays”?  Is “Merry Christmas” in the Bible?
  • Is Santa a bad idea and what about that pesky new interloper, “Elf on the Shelf”? What’s a parent to do?
  • What’s the best way to manage the animals in a live nativity? (wrangling a camel is no small feat)
  • And along those same lines, is it appropriate to approach a pregnant woman in October or November and call dibs on her baby for the creche?
  • What’s the proper etiquette for Christmas Eve candle lighting?  Who tips and who holds their candle upright so there is no wax leakage or hair flameouts?
  • Is it legal to roll out ready-made Pilsbury sugar cookie dough for cutouts and pass them off as homemade?

I was thinking about this this morning as I was making my 18-foot long “to do” list.  I love to do lists!  I love EVERYTHING about Christmas!  But, like I wrote last week, I think that the activity of Christmas can hinder the activity of God in my life.  So while the questions above may be critical for some, the one question I want to ask myself daily this Advent season is,

“Will Christmas still come if I don’t do this one thing?”

If I say “no” to this invitation?

If I don’t make this gift?

If I don’t have this new decoration?

If I’m not the one to host?

What’s the one thing it would be a good idea to put on your “don’t do” list this season?  Really.  I’d love to hear.

I woke up this morning thinking of something John Ortberg once said, “Sometimes sleep is the most spiritual thing you can do.”

2 thoughts on “The Question to ask this Christmas Season

  1. I think I have stressed about every item you mention over the years and I love your idea of a ‘NOT-TO-DO-LIST’!!! My biggest weakness over the holidays is losing sight of one of the best gifts God gives us: our relationships. In my family, the little nuances of get-togethers and dividing time between families ends up taking the focus off what is so important and putting stress on the overall connectedness. This year, I’m tagging this as ‘holiday drama’ and putting it #1 on my ‘NOT-TO-DO-LIST’. There is a great children’s book called ‘Llama Llama Holiday Drama’. I’m claiming this as my 2011 Christmas Tagline but changing it to ‘Llama Llama NO Holiday Drama’ to serve as my reminder! Thanks for making me stop and think, Laura.


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