God of Inconvenience

Don’t you just hate it when God shows up and inconveniences you?

Yesterday I gave out my last McDonald’s gift card to a homeless person begging at a traffic light.  I’ve wrestled with this before.  (That’s not the inconvenient part)

As I gave out my last card and asked the man his name I thought, “Wow, it seems like there are more homeless people than ever.  Lord, what else can be done?  Better go get some more gift cards.”

And then I opened my email (this is the inconvenient part).  In the past I’ve volunteered at an event called Project Homeless Connect. It’s a one-stop shop for delivering services to people experiencing homelessness.  They gather housing providers, employment specialists, doctors, nurses, mental health care providers, optomitrists, barbers, people providing transportation assistance, food and clothing…  All under one roof.  The Minneapolis convention center.  And then they round up all the homeless people they can find and bring them in for a day of receiving, being cared for, getting assistance…

So I get this email.  They need more volunteers for December 12th.

Here’s the deal.  I asked.  God answered.  I don’t want to do it.  Not only is it a hassle, but I have something else planned that day that I was looking forward to and can’t be moved.  But… There’s a need.  There’s an invitation.  There’s an answer from God to the question I asked.  

You ever encounter situations like this?  We say we want to change the world.  God gives an opening.  But it’s…inconvenient.  Uncomfortable.  Doesn’t fit with our plans for the day.  It made me think of this powerful video made by my friends John Hoel and Max Fitzgerald.

So we have to decide.  Are we fools to think we can change the world or is it just too inconvenient?  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “God of Inconvenience

  1. Great video! Those are some gifted friends!
    Today’s post and the “bless her heart” post have really hit home with me…and many others i am sure. Thank you for calling out these actions, and inactions, for what they are….big, ugly sins in our lives that can be trivialized to the point that we do not see them for what they really are.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!


  2. Laura
    I just started working part time at a Starbucks on Target and very single day I wish I could take all of the food we throw away to the homeless people that sleep in the parking garage by my apartment. Last night I threw away probably 30 bakery items and try do this every night. The Food Ave threw away over 40!!! pizzas and then things like breadsticks, parfaits, salads, etc. I know this is common in the food industry, but seeing it first hand is one of the most disheartening things to witness. It definitely is a “I wish I could do something more” moment.


    • Mandy, Thanks for bringing this up! So hard to see! I don’t know if this might help, but our Starbucks gives all their leftovers each day to a halfway house for women in rehab. Our manager says that you can call Starbucks’ Harvest Food Donation (800 831-8161) and they set your store up with a local non-profit who can use your leftovers. Good luck!


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