Slaying Dragons

How many people are lucky enough to see this on their daily bike rides?  I mean…really!

Here in Minneapolis we’re never sure when this monster is going to appear or where, but for awhile now it’s been camped out in Lake of the Isles perhaps enjoying the changing leaves (maybe a last hurrah before he heads to Disney World for the winter).

Anyway, although he seems friendly, because I pass by him most days, he’s made me think about the “monsters” that lurk around in my life that aren’t so amiable.  One of the big ones that rumbles around and actually sometimes tiptoes up behind me and catches me off-guard  (who knew monsters could tiptoe) is pride.

So the other day when I read Pete Wilson’s thoughts and questions to help root out pride in our lives, I thought, “GREAT!  What inspired thoughts!  Here’s my adaptation of his questions:

1) Am I willing to allow another person to do what I think I must do?  Can I delegate, or do I need control?

2) Am I willing to do what I am doing, even if no one else knows I am doing it? (Or if someone else gets credit for it)

3) Am I willing to let God use me for a season, and then be okay with Him later putting my work into the hands of another?

I really LIKED these questions! HA!

I thought they were wonderfully convicting in the abstract, UNTIL I heard from someone who is using something I created, something I love and am passionate about doing myself, and they are making it their own.

All of a sudden these questions weren’t just nice theoretical ones!  I actually had to apply them in my own life, up close and personal.  And in the moment, my spirit failed on all three questions.  I thought, “No, No, and HECK NO!  I want control!  I want to do it myself, and I want credit for it!”

I feel incredibly small-minded admitting this!  But I’m trying to be authentic, because I doubt I’m the only one who has lacked generosity of spirit in some situation.  It’s easy for us to want God to be glorified, but what if someone else is getting some of the reflected glory of being used by Him? That’s a little harder.  It’s one thing to have the questions to identify pride in our life, but what do we do with it once we’ve identified it?

For me, it came back to that whisper of God once again“Open your hands.  Let it go.  It’s not yours to hold onto.”

Ugh!  Sometimes I want to say, “That’s all you’ve got, Lord?  Could I hear some other options please?”

After my initial reaction and grudgingly prying my fingers open, I felt prompted to pray sincerely for the person and I’ve honestly experienced great joy in anticipating how God will use them.  This is NOT a Bam!  Done!  Holier-than-thou moment!  I’m sure this monster will pop up again and have to be dealt with.

What about you?  Which of Pete’s questions is hardest for you? When you recognize pride in your life how do you deal with it?

If you want to read more on this by Pete Wilson go to

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