Awake My Soul

I’m not a hipster.  Not even close.  I’m always consulting with my daughters to make sure what I’m wearing doesn’t look like I’m the stereotypical un-cool homeschooled kid on the first day of public school.

So even though I know Mumford and Sons and love their song,“Awake my Soul”, I honestly didn’t think of it in choosing the domain for this blog until some of my hipster friends pointed it out.  It was what they thought of immediately.

I was thinking of Awake my Soul in an eyes-wide-open-aha-oh-I-almost missed-that-burning-bush way.  But whatever.  I totally missed the cultural reference right off the bat.

Last summer was a more embarassing miss.   One morning I was teaching at church.  It was very early.  (I want you to remember that).  I had to stand up in front of a room full of people.  When we were done and people were leaving, I walked outside and glanced down.  There were two different sandals on my feet.  I know you’re thinking, “What sane person doesn’t pay attention to the shoes they’re putting on?  Or look in a mirror!?”  It was dark, ok?  And to my credit (if there’s any credit to be gotten here), they were both brown sandals.

And then there was the day a couple of years ago I left the car running and locked my keys inside.  For an hour.  While I was at Starbucks.  Again, paying attention?  Maybe not so much.

Last confession.  When I was a junior in college (I KNOW you’re not gonna believe this but it’s absolutely true), I once put a cup of salt instead of a teaspoon into a recipe of lasagna.  Flake?  Mentally challenged cook?  A.D.D.?  You make the call, but clearly I wasn’t paying attention.

Why in the world would I share these humiliating experiences with you?

  • I’m telling my deepest darkest secrets so you will too.  Ok maybe not.  But I really do want to be authentic so you will see this as a safe place where you can be honest.  And I REALLY want you to know (in case there’s any doubt) how much I don’t have it together.
  •  I really love the philosophy we should take God seriously, but ourselves not so much.
  • These “misses” are minor, but how much am I missing the many significant ways that God wants to delight, convict, amaze, whisper to me each day in His desire to make me more like Him?

The refrain of the Mumford and Sons song says                                                                 Awake my soul                                                                                                                                    For you were made to meet your Maker                                                                                     And you were made to meet your Maker.

I think one of the ways we pay attention and meet our Maker is by encouraging each other – sharing our own experiences of seeing AND missing God.                      What about you?  

Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake because you weren’t paying attention?

What helps you pay attention to God’s work in your life? 

What discourages you from paying attention?

8 thoughts on “Awake My Soul

  1. ha ha! That is hilarious! 🙂 Right post college, when I finally got my first car, I locked my keys in the car so often that I carried a spare in a hidden pocket of my purse, that came in handy more often than you could believe! And I love Mumford and Sons!


  2. Dear Laura,
    First of all, love your posts. You have such an insightful, tender, warm, kind way of expressing God’s truths. What a blessing and encourager you are. You have given me so many “aha” moments, that nearly knock me off my chair, but in a gentle way. One morning recently, as I’m feeling way beyond overwhelmed with a remodeling project that has taken me away from home for over 3 years, after trying to call my husband on the TV remote, I poured another cup of coffee and promptly put the coffeepot in the refrigerator, got dressed, left the house, started to open my car door and realized I forgot to put on pants. Yep, had on a shirt and shoes, had my make-up and hair done, had my purse and file folders, but no pants! Well, at least I would still have gotten service at most restaurants since they usually say- no shirt, no shoes, no service!!! And I had those covered.


    • Carol, thank you so much for your kind words. I was just praying again that God would use this to be a life-giving site. And OH, what a fantastic story!!! Hysterical! I’m so glad I’m not alone! THANK YOU for sharing!! 🙂


  3. Does leaving a child at the bowling nursery count? I don’t remember ever having such a good day bowling that I would forget my son while basking in my scores.


  4. I left Hannah (age 4) at church one Sunday! Got home, asked Don “Where’s Hannah?” … “I thought you had her.”… “No, I thought YOU had her!” … Imagine the humiliation of having to go back to the one place we put so much energy into looking like we have it all together. That cured me, though! My favorite paraphrase of Psalm 46:10 — “Be still … stand silent … stop striving …” Love the blog, Laura. Thanks for inviting this old friend!


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